Five tools every locksmith should have

Five tools every locksmith should have

It is evident that you are aware of the services a locksmith offer to his customers. He can’t possibly repair the locks or install new once with his bare hands. He needs some tools to make it possible. The same a doctor needs drugs, needles, and syringes to treat you. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, some tools should not miss in your tools box. Here are the five tools that every locksmith should have we thought you should know them.

Key extractors

A locksmith needs to have key extractors; they are useful in their work. Your guess is right; the name says it all. They are used to remove foreign materials and broken keys that might be trapped in the lock cylinders. In fact, he would not remove all these without the help of this great tool. It’s hard to work without key extractor because if these keys are stuck, then you will have a hard time removing them.

Plug spinner

This is another handy tool for any locksmith. Plug spinners are ideal for reverting locks. When a locksmith wants to return the plug to its original position (unlocked), he will use no other tool than the plug spinners. The work of the plus spinners in this situation is to lift, turn around and move the plug. If you are worried about the positioning of the lock parts, a competent and knowledgeable locksmith should be conversant about all these.

Tension wrenches

Have you ever heard of this tool? The work of these tools is to exert regulated pressure to access the shear line. Well, tension wrenches are of three types based on the amount of pressure applied. They include rigid, light, and medium. Locksmiths prefer carrying the three types with them even if they know the job doesn’t require all. This is just to make sure that in case any of the three is needed they will not have to worry.

Electric Pick Gun

One thing I love about locksmith tools is that their name usually suggests the work they do. Electric pick gun is used for opening pin tumbler locks. But it should not be used as a substitute for traditional lock picking tools.  Different sizes of picks can be attached to the pick gun.

Bolt Cutter

From the name of this tool you already know it cut items. Let me tell you more. This is a handy tool for cutting jammed locks. It is a useful tool for opening chains or padlocks to gain access to a closed area. However, improper use of this tool is to result in damage of other times.

Bottom line

These are not all the tools that a locksmith should have, but rather the must have tools for every locksmith. There are other circumstances where you may need to use a bump key or slim jim. It is also noteworthy that using the right tools to do the job is vital not only for the locksmith but also for the customer.